Ristorante in Gargnano

La Tortuga


The soul of a "Corsair" ...


"Tortuga", the Caribbean island that evokes fantastic exploits of pirates, buccaneers and corsairs ...

The idea of ​​calling the tavern with kitchen that mother Teresa had created in the late 60's is by Danilo Filippini .....

The restaurant

The restaurant is located in the historic heart

of the municipality of Gargnano, in front of the medieval building of the ancient customs and a few meters from the picturesque harbor.


The two rooms available to the restaurant are furnished with taste and accuracy to guarantee guests an elegant but at the same time atmosphere

warm and welcoming.

La Tortuga
Ristorante in Gargnano
via XXIV maggio n. 5 - 25084 GARGNANO

Partita I.V.A.   02468210980

FLP RTT 68A64 H717C

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