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The History

The Soul of a “Pirate”...​


“Tortuga”, the Caribbean island that conjures images of the adventurous deeds of pirates and smugglers... 


The idea to give this name to the tavern, set up in the late 1960’s by his mother Teresa, came from Danilo Filippini. Danilo, an artistic soul and eternal dreamer, collects genuine works of art and plays jazz on the double bass and guitar. 


He works in his mother’s tavern, born to offer refreshment to travellers passing through the lemon-garden adorned fishing village of Gargnano on their way to the South Tirol and over the Alps. 

In time the tavern was transformed into a meeting place, the “Dani Sport”, where it was possible to have lunch and enjoy good wine alongside the best products from the surrounding area. 


In the 1970’s the restaurant passed into the capable hands of Danilo’s wife Maria, and together they started researching and selecting the very best local products and with the help of experience overseas and international collaboration they transformed the tavern into a restaurant determined to provide the best that traditional cuisine can offer. In the 1990’s their daughter Orietta joined them, and now welcomes and converses with all the guests in the time-old tradition of the Tortuga. 


In 1990 the prestigious ‘’Michelin’ guide rewarded their dedication and talent with a star, which continues to shine and to inspire Maria, Danilo and Orietta, who continue to put passion into every detail, 
scent and flavour. 


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