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The Michelin Star

The Michelin star represents a universally coveted recognition by chefs and restaurateurs, representing a professional, creative and often innovative path built with years of great passion, dedication and work.

Danilo Filippini and his wife Maria, after gaining valuable experience in some of the most renowned European restaurants, decided to return to Gargnano and to open a room in which to offer a concept of "food" strongly linked to the flavors of the territory and tradition , but elaborated with refined techniques

cooking that from the first steps allowed them to

treat each product with great accuracy.

Soon their philosophy was successful and appreciated

in 1978 the prestigious Michelin Guide, decided to reward Danilo and Maria's talent by awarding them a star, which inaugurated a long list of awards that has been repeated every year since reaching star number 40.


The Michelin star then accompanied the journey of Tortuga, Danilo and Maria and his daughter Orietta, almost always, as a guarantee of quality and

care that all these years have distinguished the refined and elegant gastronomic proposal of the restaurant.


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